Nov 20

Recap of Ben Lowe’s presentation on SkyWest-UVU Pilot Cadet Program


Ben Lowe, a Salt Lake City-based CRJ Captain with SkyWest Airlines, met with students, faculty, and staff recently to provide details on the new SkyWest-UVU Pilot Cadet Program.

Captain Lowe was as enthusiastic about being a pilot as he was about working for SkyWest, “I love this job! It’s the best job I’ve ever had,” said Lowe. He was very encouraging to students about the opportunities available to them in the aviation industry, “I wish I was 10 years younger and in your seats today,” Lowe said. “You’re in a great spot for the rest of your career!”

Lowe also had some advice for students and CFIs. He urged everyone to work on their communications skills, noting that pilots need to be comfortable talking with people in a variety of circumstances.

He stressed the importance of professionalism, punctuality and self-presentation because SkyWest pilots not only represent themselves but also the company. “Be on time, look sharp and wear the full uniform.” Lowe also suggested that individuals who are working to build flight time should make an effort to get to know and understand turbine engines and their associated systems.

A flyer was distributed with the following details about the program:

Pilot Cadet Program Benefits:
• Guaranteed pilot interview with SkyWest Airlines
• Interview preparation and mentoring guidance from SkyWest pilots
• Issued a date-of-hire and company ID
• Potential opportunities to assist SkyWest with job fairs, recruitment events, student mentoring and other projects

*Pilot Cadet Program Requirements & Limitations:
• Obtain all pilot certificates from UVU’s Provo flight training center
• Hold a commercial multiengine pilot certificate with instrument rating
• Hold a first class medical certificate
• Be an active flight instructor with UVU School of Aviation Science
• Minimum GPA of 3.0 (on 4.0 scale)
• No more than 3 failed checkrides
• No record of FAA enforcement action
• No criminal offenses & no more than 3 driver moving violations in the past 3 years

How to Enter the Program:
• Apply with the UVU Bridge Program Advisory Committee (BPAC)
• Receive a letter of recommendation from the BPAC
• Complete the online SkyWest Pilot Cadet application
• Attend SkyWest Company Orientation drug testing, finger printing, etc.

*SkyWest Pilot Requirements for Program Cadets:
• Have earned or are working toward a UVU degree with minimum 3.0 GPA
• Satisfactory completion of all program progress interviews
• Complete UVU jet training course(s)
• Obtain 100 hours multiengine flight time
• Meet the ATP aeronautical experience requirements of FAR part 61 section 159 or 160.
• Hold a first class medical certificate
• Compete final SkyWest interview process

*Exceptions to program requirements and limitations may be applicable pending committee review

A Q&A session followed the presentation. Questions included specifics about training and preparation, as noted above. When asked about the SkyWest Pilot Cadet Program time frame, Lowe encouraged CFIs who are eligible or nearing eligibility to talk to the PAC and start expressing interest now. He encouraged students to keep their grades up, maintain a clean driving record, develop their academic/aviation career and continue building flight time. “Prepare yourself for the future and enjoy your rides!”



  1. brian

    To who it may concern:

    I have over 25 years in the maintenance dept at one on the local school districts. I am nearing the end of my career. I would like to receive more info. on the cost of becoming certified as an airline pilot. I have two questions of concern, first would my age a factor “over 40 years of age”. Second I have received tickets in the past, one in particular was not a “DUI’ but of a lesser charge an ARR. It has been over the statue of limitations of ten years and can be expunged. Will the exclude me from program?
    Happy Holidays Brian

    1. UVU Aviation Science

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your interest in our program. I apologize for the delayed response. To answer your questions, I’d suggest contacting our student support at aviation@nulluvu.edu or 888-901-7192. Good luck!

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