Jan 30

Boom Beam Landing Light

UVU’s school of aviation sciences is reaching new heights with brighter lights. The Boom Beam landing light system from LoPresti Speed Merchants is UVU’s latest addition to a proactive program with unparalleled safety and performance.

One of the biggest problems with conventional incandescent and halogen landing lights is that normal vibration from our piston engines tends to quickly break their filaments, resulting in a burned-out bulb. Without a warranty, conventional replacement bulbs may last 50 hours or 10 minutes creating an environment of excessive cost, maintenance, and fewer flight opportunities for students.

LoPresti’s new High Intensity Discharge Xenon system is nearly six times brighter than a conventional landing light and is accompanied with a five-year/5000 hour warranty on all components. (AOPA Pilot, February 2001)

The reflector is similar in size as a conventional bulb, so no airframe modifications are required on our fleet of Diamond DA20s and DA40s. Inside the reflector is a glass tube filled with mercury and xenon gases. A pair of electrodes in the tube then applies voltage to the gases, causing them to glow brightly. The light is whiter than incandescent lights and even looks rather blue—like the headlights on new high-end automobiles harnessing the same technology.

Aircraft landing lights generally don’t work well to begin with and often burn out when you need them most however, the addition of LoPresti’s Boom Beam, HID (high intensity discharge) lighting to UVU’s fleet is a compelling example of our commitment to safety and excellence. Pilots can now see and be seen from farther distances, safely taxi to and from the runway, and fly with confidence knowing their visibility is dramatically improved in both day and night flights.

For more information, contact LoPresti Speed Merchants, 2620 Airport North Drive, Vero Beach, Florida 32960; telephone 800/859-4757; fax 772/563-0446; or visit the Web site (www.speedmods.com). — Thomas B. Haines

Haines, B. T. (2001, Feb. 1) LoPresti Speed Merchants Boom Beam. AOPA Pilot. General format. Retrieved from      http://speedmods.com/aopa_article_in_feb_2001.htm on 01/29/2013



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  1. Steve Smith

    I have been using a Halogen landing light for a while, much better than the incandescent but I will have to try the Xenon system once I need a new one.

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